The logos indicate the level of training provided by the Centre, Instrcutor Training Center or Authorized Dealer. This is what they mean:
This sign is only of interest to ACUC Instructors. It indicates that these Centres are ACUC Authorized Distributors and therefore they can sell ACUC materials and training kits to other ACUC Instructors. If there are ACUC Authorized Distributors in the area, you will always find them at the top of the page
This indicates that besides providing the same courses as the ACUC Training Centres above, they also provide ACUC Instructor Training Courses and Internship.
This indicates that ACUC Scuba courses are provided, up to and including, from Try Diving experience, Scuba Diver course up to the level of Divemaster
This indicate that you can do the water part of your ACUC e-learning OWD course and above in this centre.
This indicate you can do the theory part of your ITC course online.
This indicates that the Centre offers Nitrox Services, such as Nitrox tank fills, Nitrox Dives, etc. Please note that these centres might offer Nitrox services but not necessarily ACUC Nitrox courses
This indicates that the Centre offers ACUC Nitrox Scuba courses. Please note that these centres might offer ACUC Nitrox courses but not necessarily Nitrox services.
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